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What if the lifeguard fails?

What if the lifeguard fails?

Twenty-two lifeguards were on duty this last weekend when a toddler slipped beneath the surface of the lazy river at a Frisco community pool. But they weren’t able to respond in time to keep the three-year-old boy from losing consciousness.

He was eventually pulled from the water by lifeguards, given CPR, and careflighted to a hospital where his condition remains unknown.

As our prayers go out on behalf of this boy, this incident is a chance for parents to reevaluate our role in supervising our children when there are lifeguards on duty.

The vast majority of lifeguards are wonderfully trained professionals who take their work very seriously. But they face continual obstacles in their jobs, like fatigue, boredom, distraction and even youthful inexperience.

The drowning incident in Frisco happened with 22 lifeguards on duty. But there were 149 other people in the water that day, leaving a significant chance a non-swimmer could get into trouble unnoticed.

If you’re children are younger than six or aren’t strong swimmers, don’t entrust a lifeguard with their safety. Take that responsibility yourself. No one can do as good a job as you.

Stay within arm’s reach, and maintain constant visual contact. Fit them with Coast Guard-approved lifejackets. And count on lifeguards as secondary supervisors.


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