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Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make Around the Water

Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make Around the Water

An ER doctor from a children's hospital shares the top 4 mistakes parents make around the water that land children in the emergency room.

1. Watching Multiple Children
"Pools are especially dangerous when parents are trying to watch multiple children at one time. You only have one set of eyes. Try to have one adult per child. Use life jackets and 'touch supervision' by always being within arm's reach."

2. Overestimating Your Child's Ability to Swim
"A child may be a good swimmer, but anyone can have an accident in the water. If they breathe in water or panic when someone crashes into them in a crowded pool, they could still get into serious trouble quickly."

3. Failing to Assign a Water Watcher
"Make sure mom, dad or other guardians are well aware of who is watching the children. Any adult can get to talking poolside without realizing that a child is in trouble. Discuss who is responsible for watching the children. And if you want to take turns, use a Water Watcher System so you always know who is responsible."

4. Being Oblivious to Surroundings
"Every year you hear about children who wander into a backyard, fall into a pool, and drown. Many of these drownings occur in a neighbor's pool or at a house where the child is visiting. Get a handle on where the pools are in your area so you can take steps to prevent your child from going near them alone."


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