Tips for Parents

  • Never let your children swim alone. Even great swimmers can drown.
  • It’s not enough to just be near your children while they swim. Your eyes have to be on them. Drowning is a silent killer.
  • Pool time is not the time for multi-tasking. Give little swimmers your full attention.
  • Don’t assume your children will use good judgment around the water. Expect and be prepared for reckless behavior from your child.
  • Set up multiple barriers to keep your kids away from the pool when you’re not around. Fences, alarms, child-proof locks, and pool covers can save a child’s life in the event that supervision breaks down.
  • Want to decrease your child’s risk of drowning by 88%? Enroll them in swim lessons.
  • Statistically, a neighbor’s pool poses just as much risk as one in your own backyard. Know where the pools are in your neighborhood, and share with your neighbors what you know about pool safety. 
  • If your child goes missing, always check bodies of water first. Seconds count in drowning incidents.