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The Magical Cure for Drowning

The Magical Cure for Drowning

It's been a tragic week in North Texas, marked by multiple child drownings across our area.

In the wake of these losses, many parents are left searching for the quick fix.

As much as we like clear-cut answers to life's problems, they are rarely so simple. We parents especially love to work out a solution, check it off the list, and move on to tackle the next danger.
The risks your children face around the water offer no such silver bullet.

Supervision can fail. Gates can be left open. Alarms can break. Lifejackets can malfunction. Children who usually swim like fish can struggle in the water.

How do we approach the risk children face around the water if you can never check it off the list?

The short answer is by adopting a layered approach of small steps that are proven to reduce the risk of drowning ...

• Constant supervision
• Swim lessons
• Life jackets
• Barriers around your pool
• CPR training

... but never be fully dependent on any one of them!

If there was a single tool that can protect your children from drowning, it is this - your vigilant love. As long as this love compels you to take serious, measured steps to guard your children around water, and to explore every potential layer of protection on their behalf.


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