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Pool Fences

Pool Fences

When children are pulled from the water during a drowning incident, 2/3 of the time they're wearing regular clothes rather than a swim suit. This means their parents never expected them to be near the water.

A major realization we parents need to come to is that, inevitably, even the most vigilant supervision fails. You shouldn't depend exclusively on your ability to monitor your child when it comes to pool safety.

Set up secondary barriers that will protect your child when lapses in supervision happen. The most effective secondary barrier is an "isolation" fence, which surrounds your pool area and separates it from the rest of the backyard.

For an isolation fence to be effective, it must ...

  • Provide a barrier between your back door and the pool area. This way your child can't approach your pool unsupervised if the door is left open. 
  • Have a self-closing gate that latches automatically. The gate should never be propped open, and the latch should be out of reach of children.
  • Be 48 inches tall with slats no more than 4 inches apart. This prevents young children from climbing over or through the fence.

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