Learn-to-Swim Programs

If you want to improve a child's safety around the water, the best thing you can do is help them get into swim lessons. Of all the drowning prevention efforts, this one has the biggest return. The risk of drowning for a child decreases by 88% after they take formal swim lessons.

Unfortunately there are many obstacles preventing needy families in your community from accessing this life-saving opportunity - including lack of transportation, the prohibitive cost of lessons, and cultural barriers.

We invite you to help families overcome these obstacles by supporting Lone Star Lifesavers' learn-to-swim programs. Every summer we team up with apartment complexes across DFW to offer families at the complexes five days of swim lessons for children, water safety/CPR training for parents, and free life jackets. These services will all be provided at complexes' on-site pools to make it easier for families to participate. Over the last three years more than 400 children have taken part in these programs!

A small donation of $10 will pay for a child's life jacket. And $20 will cover the costs of a child's swim lessons. Make a child safer today by donating to these programs

Contact us for information on subsidized swim lessons for your family or for other inquiries.