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It's closing time. Finish strong.

It's closing time. Finish strong.

In the waning days of the summer, set yourself up to be safe throughout the colder months and prepared for next swim season. Here’s what to do after you’ve shut down your pool for the year.

Get a weight-bearing pool cover

Invest in a cover for your pool that will both keep debris out and also support the weight of a person if they were to stumble onto it. You can find several options here, and if you buy them within the next 6 days you can get a 15% in-store discount with your Lifesavers membership.

Maintain your child’s swim skills

Don’t lose all the ground your child gained by swimming all summer. Enroll them in fall or winter swim lessons to reinforce their skills. If you aren’t able to do formal lessons, at least visit an indoor pool a few times to let them practice swimming, getting independent breaths, and climbing out of the pool.

Hide the fun stuff

When the pool is officially closed, take away all the toys and stick them in the attic until next year. This will prevent children from being tempted to climb into the pool area unsupervised.

Lock the gate

Since there’s no reason for anyone to go into a closed pool area, lock it down with a padlock. It will give you great peace of mind knowing that no one can open the gate but you.

Tell your kids the pool’s off-limits

Make sure your kids know that the pool area is closed and that they are no longer allowed near the pool. Because the pool area has been a place of enjoyment for them all summer, this is an important mental transition for them.


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