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Is your babysitter in the loop?

Is your babysitter in the loop?

It’s date night. You and your spouse are looking forward to a few precious hours away from the kids, so you hire a babysitter. Obviously you tell the sitter the house rules, bed times, and what the kids can have for dinner. But did you remember to tell them the pool rules?

You work hard to protect your children around your backyard pool – installing safety measures and teaching them safe behavior. You have all these steps in place to protect your children around the water, but how much do you share with babysitters? To make sure your kids stay safe on your night out, here’s what your babysitter needs to know before you leave.

  • Talk to your babysitter about what it means to actively supervise children around the water. Whether they are swimming or just in the vicinity of water, they should have constant, undistracted supervision.
  • It’s important for your babysitters to be CPR certified, especially if they will be in the pool with your kids.
  • Tell them about your children’s swim abilities, such as their confidence in the water, how far they can swim, if they can get a breath independently, if they need an adult in the water with them, etc.
  • If your babysitter is going to take the kids to the pool, make sure the sitter is mature, attentive and adult-aged.
  • Emphasize the importance of locking the pool gate and the back door of the house.

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