1. Why should I become a Lone Star Lifesaver?

    Because drowning is a leading cause of death among children, and it’s entirely preventable. The largest obstacle in child drowning prevention is parents remaining unaware of the danger posed by backyard pools. This unawareness keeps them from learning the steps to protecting their kids and others in the community. When you become a Lifesaver you will be better equipped to protect your kids, and to offer life-saving resources to other parents in your neighborhood.

  2. Does it cost money to become a Lifesaver?

    No, it’s absolutely free.

  3. How much time will it require?

    Ten minutes per month. Helping safeguard your community has never been so simple. We’ll send you short, easily digestible tips on how to keep your kids safe around pools that will take 5 minutes to review. As you spend time with your friends and neighbors, we invite you to spend another 5 minutes sharing what you’ve recently learned about pool safety.

  4. Are there any other commitments?

    There are no other commitments required. Occasionally we will invite you to take part in a seasonal event or community campaign, but participation is completely at your discretion.

  5. Is my personal information safe?

    We will never share your personal information outside our organization for any reason. And any information submitted on our Web site is encrypted and secure. 

    Contact us for any other questions.