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Doomsday Prepping

Doomsday Prepping

I recently heard stories about Doomsday Preppers - the people who have a heightened concern for impending catastrophe. These families spend all their spare time, money, and thoughts preparing to survive the end of the world.

Before now, I wasn’t aware of how many different imagined scenarios could cause a family to go into survival mode. One man feared domestic terror and another woman was preparing her family for a devastating tsunami. A nuclear threat from Russia and an economic collapse are two other expected disasters motivating people to extremes in order to protect their families.

At the end of each of these stories was a disclaimer about the threat. The majority of experts feel that the odds of any of these catastrophes coming to fruition is extremely low. And yet, people continue to prepare.

It was interesting to know there are people who are preparing to avoid something very unlikely to happen. And yet so many of us are not prepared at all to avoid a much more likely catastrophe in our backyard...

There is no disclaimer minimizing the threat of pool drownings to Texas children. We are poised to lose more children this year than the 74 children we lost last year in Texas. Nation-wide we lose more than 500 children to drowning…more often than not, in their backyard pools. 

Even though it is fall, the danger of death in three short minutes is ever present, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the backyards of millions of Texas homes.

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