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Destiny Conquers Her Fear

Destiny Conquers Her Fear

Destiny came to Lone Star Lifesavers' Learn-to-Swim Program last week terrified of the water. As it turned out, she had been having regular nightmares about drowning.

The thought of putting her face in the water sent her into uncontrollable sobs. And she clung to the side of the pool as if her life depended on it. But as the five days of lessons progressed, she became more and more comfortable in her class.

By the end of the program she was on the verge of moving independently through the water. Watch this video to see where she ended up.

We are so proud of Destiny, but her story is not unique. Many of the 185 children that went through our Learn-to-Swim Program this summer left with dramatically improved skill in the water.

Our goal was to make them safer around the water, so we also trained parents in CPR, reinforced water safety rules, and gave out hundreds of free life jackets.

All of this was made possible through generous donations from the community. Please consider making a donation to LSL's lifesaving programs, and you'll be helping to reach more children like Destiny.


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