Conversations to have with children about water safety

• "Don't go near a pool without an adult." This is the most important conversation you can have with your child because it's so simple. Even very young children can understand that certain areas are off limits. Helping them see the danger of being alone around pools can prevent drowning... [more]

Swim with your clothes on.

Swim with your clothes on.

When a child falls into a pool accidentally, it's a shocking experience. More often than not theyweren't expected to be near the water, so they won't have a swim suit on. It's important to teach your children to respond safely in this scenario.

A great way to do this is letting them swim with their... [more]


A Dallas mom and her "Miracle Girl"

Her two-year-old was unconcious, and she was all alone.

These were the two paralyzing realities that hit Elysia after she had pulled her dauthgter's limp body from their backyard pool.

The five minutes previous had been a blur. She remembered leaving her daughter coloring by the... [more]


Are you terrible at assessing risk?

Conventional wisdom is often in opposition to reality. In his book Freakonomics, Steven Levitt creates a child safety scenario to highlight how parents can struggle at recognizing danger on behalf of their children.

Consider the parents of an eight-year-old girl named Molly. Her two best friends, Amy and Imani, each live nearby.... [more]


Does this remind you of your life?

Watch this video and see if the situation's familiar.

I know it's familiar to me. I got distracted once while watching my two-year-old son in the house, only to find him a minute later roaming the front lawn by himself.

He escaped through a door that had been left... [more]


The day your child is most likely to drown

The wonderful 4th of July holiday also carries the stigma of being the day a  child is most likely to drown.

Our Independence Day offers a perfect confluence of risks.

It occurs amid the first heat of the summer, so families are frequently near the water. Parents are often hosting or socializing, causing... [more]


They only left him alone for a few minutes ...

A few minutes was all it took to turn a carefree afternoon into a tragedy for the family of three-year-old Jensis.

He was following his grandfather and uncle around as they mowed the lawn in a North Dallas neighborhood earlier this month.

His uncle was stung by a bee and... [more]


Sharing prevents tragedy

A family in East Texas woke up one Sunday last month to find their two-year-old son missing. They searched their house and property but couldn't find him anywhere.

They frantically expanded their search, and tragically found him next door unconscious in the neighbor's pool. No one knew how long he'd been in... [more]


A class that can save your child's life

Now that your child's school classes are done for the summer, it's time to enroll them in a class that can save their lives.

Formal swim classes can decrease your child's risk of drowning by 88%. And the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend swim lessons for children as soon... [more]

Secondary Barriers

Secondary Barriers

When children are pulled from the water during a drowning incident, 2/3 of the time they're wearing regular clothes rather than a swim suit. This means their parents never expected them to be near the water.

A major realization we parents need to come to is that, inevitably, even the most vigilant supervision... [more]